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Swing a Doodle is an online shop that helps you get comfortable and fashionable t-shirt with designs made by swing dancers. Stand out and be proud of what you wear. 
Designers are swing dancers themselves, so you can get fashionable t-shirt with a drawing related to swing. Wear it for dancing or your free time. You'll be surprised with the quality and this will become you favorite t-shirt. Every T-shirt is made by demand, right after you order and shipped worldwide.

Once started as an idea of making a single design t-shirt that would be fun to wear for dancing, today Swing a Doodle counts 12+ designs made by various swing dancers, who are graphic designers off the dance floor.
The brand's values and aspiration are to help dancers wear high quality fashionable t-shirt, that's made by demand and shipped worldwide. Inspired by swing dance & music, Swing a Doodle invites you for a long-lasting and sustainable friendship.

I love wearing t-shirts. It's the most comfortable wear. Especially when I'm swing dancing. I wear T-shirt on casual days too. I want to feel I belong. But I want to show I'm different. I want to wear something unique.
That's how Swing a Doodle can make me feel good. Help me Dance. Help me look good. Help me Swing. All of it will inspire me and people around. 

I want to wear something comfortable and sustainable with a message that shows what I love, because I have my own style and my own opinion.

Long story

I was always a fan of graphic t-shirt as may daily casual and dance wear. At Lindyshock 2010 I didn't even bother bringing any shirt or fancier clothes. I brought T-shirt with Batman, Superman, Flash and Green Lantern symbols and danced my ass off every night.
Photo by Slava Bogatov
Now I have t-shirts from events that I go to as a reminder of my experience. My wife is not super happy about it, as I'm wearing festival's logo's most of the time. She thinks I'm a walking billboard.
So I've been in a conflict for a while, as I wanted wear t-shirt that's swing dance related, but I didn't have any without a brand or festival logo screaming about it.
So I wanted to create a graphic T-shirt, that would be cool to wear outside swing dance. I created this drawing showing 3 Swing Outs and a Circle in the hand showing OK sign. This doesn't scream dancing or logo, so non-dancers wouldn't understand what it's trying to say, but dancers would think "oh, this is so cool".

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